NSS has always stood up to its strong   spirit of   serving people keeping in mind the policy of “Not Me But You”. The belief that we must live for others, is being realized through the selfless service of the NSS volunteers who gets into timely action for the upliftment of the needy people of their respective localities. NSS units of the Technical Cell has always given the volunteers, a platform to serve the society and bring happiness and smile on many faces, which has sown the seeds of social commitment in many students who are otherwise kept aloof from the real challenges and torments faced by the masses in the society as a whole. NSS by its range of community service initiatives had triggered a change in the personality and attitude in the volunteers. So it is not simply an association; it’s a platform to achieve the overall abilities of every individual enrolled in the scheme

      The 15000+ team of committed NSS Volunteers and 150+ programme officers of the Technical Cell under the Directorate of Technical Education, Kerala have proven to be a enough cause and reason for instilling a significant change in the society. The reporting period witnessed a large number of activities of which the major ones are the Award function at directorate level where 23 units and 111 Volunteers and 23 programme offices were acknowledged for their outstand contributions. 14 Directorate level advisory meetings were held. 25 programme officers annual conference were organized which had a participation of about 95-120 members per meeting.25 stat level leadership camps and camps for volunteer secretaries were organized which had a participation of about 80 to 90% in every camps.