SENA (Social Engineers of NSS Alumni)


Social Engineers of NSS Alumni (SENA) is a new initiative from NSS Technical Cell, Kerala. Through SENA we aim to bring all the former NSS Volunteers and Programme Officers on a single platform.   This noble venture was inaugurated by the Director of Technical Education Dr. J. Letha, who herself was an NSS volunteer in her college days.

Bringing in such a noble organization alive, we are expecting a joint support and involvement from all who were once part of NSS. The main aims of SENA include support to various NSS Programmes and also to act as resource pool for NSS, overall empowerment of women and weaker sections of the society through a collective effort.


SENA is not confined to individual university/ directorate. It is a pan directorate/ University platforms inclusive of all NSS Alumni to provide creative and logistic support to NSS activities at various levels. Anyone with an experience in NSS can be a member and volunteer to provide support.